Privileged travelling

Tailored to your needs

It is a sign of the highest appreciation to offer guests personalised service that corresponds fully to their wishes and needs. When you get into our shuttles, you ought to feel at home and simply be able to enjoy the journey with us. Our service begins with planning your journey. Our attentive staff give you competent and personal advice so that the journey corresponds fully to your requirements. In the process, we also always make sure to offer a service that can cater flexibly to the wishes of all passengers, regardless of whether you book a multi-day trip with us or simply an airport transfer. We want you to feel good on board our VIP shuttles.

Simply let your every desire be anticipated and experience our first-class service before departure, during your transfer and after your arrival. Enjoy comfort, rest and relaxation, far removed from travel stress and deadline pressure. Simply tell us how you would like to spend your time on board our VIP shuttles. We will then do everything to fulfil your wishes.